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Rainforest has a Unique Ecosystem where three of its verticals go hand in hand to ensure the most innovative & vibrant marketing campaigns and the most engaging workshops and a seamless e-commerce experience. Rainforest also thrives to provide the most holistic solutions by bring all the digital marketing solutions under one roof through its highly equipped research & training labs, Panel of seasoned marketers, and best technological inclusion which all result in producing sheer Excellence.

tools in our kit

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Monitoring tools help out in analyzing the public conversations on Social Media platforms. We work on various tools to monitor customer sentiments and tweak the strategy depending on the user behavior. Here’s the list of tools that we deal with:

Edgerank Checker

Is a tool used to check your page’s facebook exposure or edgerank.


Social media management system for brand management.


One-stop cloud platform for social media listening, monitoring, engagement, & analytics.


Helps you to measure the potential and success of your facebook page.


Social media monitoring platform to study customer opinions on their products in real time.

Sentiment Metrics

Is a social CRM solution providing customer insight and social customer service and engagement.

Shared Count

Tool that will tell you about the number of shares, likes, tweets for a URL.

Social Mention

Search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, events & videos


Is a tool for measuring your performance and engaging with your fellow instagrammers.

Viral Heat

Tool for social media management that helps clients monitor & analyze consumer-created content.


Provides powerful, easy-to-use social media marketing tools for pages, messages, ads & more.


Used by online marketing agencies & individuals to gain insights & track the conversations online.

We work on a wide range of tools when we deal with content creation in social media platforms as this will act as a factor in differentiating us. Here’s the list of tools that we deal with:


Used to create Facebook, web and Mobile landing pages.


Helps you to schedule & design your posts and create contests, all from a single dashboard.


Is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts.

Analytics tools play a major role in social media marketing as they are the primary tool in measuring the user engagement. We work on various tools which offer detailed measurements and analytics around user engagement. Here’s the list of tools that we deal with:


Analytics platform for measuring a specific brand's presence on Facebook.

Sprout social

Social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers.


Company providing social media analytics based on footprints from use of major social media services.

Social Baker

Provider of social media analytic tools, statistics and metrics for social network.


Provides social marketing software that allows organizations to manage their social media programs.



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